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Your Phoenix Gardening Resource for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers in the low desert! Information and photographs of plants that grow in the desert. Learn how to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your yard.

Gardening in the Desert

Gardening in Phoenix Arizona or the Valley is unlike anywhere else in the world.
We are located in the Sonoran Desert or in the low or subtropical desert zone. Lucky for us we can grow a Saguaro cactus and tropical palm trees in our yard. Are you thinking about starting a vegetable or flower garden here in the low desert? Are you curious about plants in this part of the world? If so, we hope you enjoy the website.

who we are?

Phoenix Gardening Resource
Most gardening books cater to the New England and Midwest states. This website's focus is on the low desert region of the southwest. Our focus is on gardening in Phoenix, Arizona. Whether you're just looking for some gardening ideas, tips, looking for some photos of Arizona plants, or looking for a local nursery we hope you will find it here, at your Phoenix gardening resource.