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Roses that grow in phoenix arizona

Grow Mr. Lincoln Rose in Phoenix Arizona

This is a classic! I love this rose. It is very fragrant, just how a rose should be. If you are looking for incredible long stem dark red roses that are very fragrant than you will love Mr Lincoln rose bush. Fragrance: Strong Class: Hybrid Tea Rose You may also be interested in Peace Rose…
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Grow Chicago Peace Rose in Phoenix Arizona

Beautiful light pink rose with underlying creamy yellow base. This is a beautiful rose that is one of the showier rose bushes in our Phoenix garden. Next to the Peace rose, this is my personal favorite rose. It has a mild fragrance and fantastic blooms that are constant. This bush is never without flowers. Fragrance:…
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Grow Peace Rose in Phoenix Arizona

Grow Peace Rose in Phoenix Arizona The all time best selling rose in the world is the hybrid tea rose "Peace" bred at the end of World War II, it soon became a world symbol for peace. This is my all time favorite in our personal garden. What it lacks in fragrance is made up…
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Grow Bella Roma Rose in Phoenix

Grow Bella Roma Rose in Phoenix [caption id="attachment_2101" align="alignleft" width="250"] Bella Roma Rose[/caption] Bella Roma is a very pretty rose. The coloring is a blended creamy yellow with pink tips. I purchased this particular rose bush because it has a very strong old rose fragrance and I love fragrant roses. Bella Roma is planted next…
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