Garden Tools

Garden Tools

Any job is easier with the right tools. To get started with your garden you will need some basic garden tools. Look for a sturdy good quality tools that will last and be comfortable using.

Basic Tools:

A Garden Spade: A garden spade is your basic digging implement; use it to make holes and to dig in the soil. This is a must have garden tool. If you will be gardening with kids make sure they have a garden spade to use as well. There are many times you will want to use them at the same time.

Long Handle Garden Shovel: This is an item every homeowner should have, especially a gardener. It comes in handy for all kinds of chores including lifting and throwing decorative rocks, compost, soil and sand. Shovels are also necessary for digging up or planting shrubs and small trees.

Bow Rake: This is another item every homeowner should have, especially one who plans on doing any yard work. The rake comes in handy for moving around the popular decorative rock mulch found in most Phoenix, Arizona yards. To plant that new bush or tree you’ll have to first move the existing rock mulch and this type of rake comes in handy for this type of chore. Not to be confused with an average garden rake used to rake leaves, the Bow Rake is for heavier materials such as rock.

Hand Pruners: If you’ve planted any rose bushes or any shrubs at all, hand pruners are an essential gardening tool. Hand Pruners are available in three distinct types: ‘bypass’ with two curved blades that resemble a scissors and ‘anvil’ where a single straight blade cuts on to a flattened base, and ‘ratchet’ which are similar to the anvil.

Generally you will just need a bypass pruner. These are the most popular and make nice clean cuts on your bushes and shrubs.

Anvil pruners are used on tough dead wood and work with more of a slicing cut.

Ratchet pruners are made to work the same way as Anvil pruners, except that the pruning is done in stages so are better for those who are older or who have less strength in their hands.

A Garden Fork: Garden forks are a good tool for your vegetable or flower garden. They are perfect for soil that is full of stones; and breaking down clods of soil.

You may also like the following tools:

Garden Rake: Unless you have deciduous trees in your yard, a garden rake is not really necessary in a Phoenix Arizona yard.

Long Handle Hoe:

Garden Hand Trowel: Garden trowels are used for weeding

Gardening Gloves: If you don’t want to have to scrub your hands and fingernails after your visit to the garden you may want to invest in gardening gloves. If tackling large rose bushes, cactus, thorn covered bouganvillea you may want heavy duty gardening gloves that cover some of your arm as well.

Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart

Tiller is a great tool if you are designating a new area for a vegetable garden. Roto tillers can be rented at most home improvement or hardware stores.

A pick axe or a Mattock can come in handy if your yard is back filled with rock