Growing Strawberries in Phoenix Arizona

everbearing strawberry

tiny strawberry plant

strawberry plant flower

flower on strawberry plant

ripe strawberry

Thoughts of sweet juicy homegrown berries is what inspires just about everyone to try growing their own strawberries.

The first strawberries we planted in our raised garden bed didn't make it very long. Timing is really important and I know that I planted our first try at strawberries much too late in the season. Bare root strawberries should be put in the ground in November in Phoenix. You can usually find strawberry plants at local nurseries by late Feburary or March.

Our second attempt at growing strawberries is in session right now. We planted five Everbearing strawberry plants in Feburary. They flowered in the month of Feburary.

Update: As of March several of the plants have tiny green berries and one of the berries is just starting to turn red.

Our first Strawberry was fully ripe and ready to eat by mid March. By April we've had a handful of sweet ripe strawberries to eat, much better than those found at the grocery store. The plants themselves have grown in size too.

We also planted some more strawberry plants called Fragaria x maxium, in March they only had very tiny leaves.

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