Grow Vines in Phoenix Arizona

Grow Vines in Phoenix Arizona

Lilac Vine

Lilac Vine

There are many beautiful vines you can plant in your Phoenix, Arizona garden. Vines create a lushness to your landscape, are great for privacy and for softening all of those block walls. Two of my personal favorite include the lilac vine and the passion fruit vine.

Vines that can be seen growing around the Valley include:

Lilac Vine-blooms in mid to late January

Snail Vine-blooms

Pink Bower Vine blooms spring through fall

Queen’s Wreath-blooms summer-fall

Caroline Jessamine– blooms mid Jan.

Pink Jasmine-blooms Feb-April

Star Jasmine-blooms in the spring

Pink Trumpet-blooms spring and fall

Bouganvillea-blooms year round if not subject to frost damage

Wisteria-blooms in spring

Cat’s Claw-blooms in spring

Bower Vine-blooms spring,summer and fall