Growing Texas Mountain Laurel in Phoenix

texas mountain laurel

Texas Mountain Laurel 5 gallon (newly planted)

Close up of Blooms the following Spring

texas mountain laurel blooms

Heavily Scented Blooms

Bean pods on Texas Mountain Laurel

Small tree sometimes referred to as a shrub. Graced with dainty purple flowers that form large clusters. From far away they sometimes resemble a Lilac bush. When trimmed they are a small tree.

The large clustered blooms are heavily scented grape smell (think grape kool-aid), so plant this tree where you will be able to enjoy the amazing scent.

They can take the Arizona heat with little water once established. Texas Mountain Laurels are sometimes difficult to find and they grow very slow, but the flowers are worth it in my opinion. We had a nice size Texas Mountain Laurel at our old house, so I had to go out and buy another one. They will flower even in the 15 gallon size.

Note: Entire plant is Poisonous,especially the seeds


Also Known as:

Botanical Name: Sophora Secundiflora

Water Usage: Low

Bloom Time : Feb- March

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