Growing Vines in Phoenix Arizona

lilac vine

There are many beautiful vines you can plant in your Phoenix, Arizona garden. Vines create a lushness to your landscape, are great for privacy and for softening all of those block walls.

Vines that can be seen growing around the Valley include:

Lilac Vine-blooms in mid to late January-

Snail Vine-blooms

Pink Bower Vine blooms spring through fall

Queen's Wreath-blooms summer-fall

Caroline Jessamine- blooms mid Jan.-

Pink Jasmine-blooms Feb-April

Star Jasmine-blooms in the spring

Pink Trumpet-blooms spring and fall

Bouganvillea-blooms year round if not subject to frost damage

Wisteria-blooms in spring

Cat's Claw-blooms in spring

Bower Vine-blooms spring,summer and fall

Mexican Flame Vine-blooms

Lady Banks Rose-blooms in the spring

Pink Lemonade Honeysuckle-blooms May-

Fire Thorn-spring-summer, berries in fall

Purple Passion Vine