Xeriscape Low Water Plants

Xeriscape Low Water Plants to Grow in Phoenix Arizona

Here in the desert, low water use plants not only conserve our precious resource many are native and those that are not appear as though they have been here in the desert all along. Low water use plants also provide a wonderful southwestern feel to the landscape.

Low Water Use Design

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear

Xeriscaping is landscaping and gardening with plants that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water (other than rain water). When planning a xeriscape garden there are three elements to keep in mind: sun, views, and time.

You want to group plants according to their needs of sunlight, keeping in mind the function or the views of the garden you are looking to maintain. Stand back and visualize how the garden will look from the curb and then go inside and visualize what it will look like from your windows.

Keep in mind the height and width of the mature plant as well as whether or not they will provide shade. The third element is time, one of the advantages of xeriscape design is that maintenance is kept to a minimum. Many newer subdivisons in Phoenix require xeriscape in the front yard and no lawn.

Advantages of Low Water Use Plants

The advantages of low water use plants is that they will lower your overall water bill, you will conserve water and the plants will be taking advantage of the the Valley’s rainfall and last but not least low water use plants require less maintenance. The term Xeriscape was coined by Denver Water.The word “Xeros” meaning dry, and “scape” as in “landscape.”

Photos of Low Water Use Plants in Phoenix Arizona

Your choices in low water use plants and trees are plentiful in Phoenix, Arizona. Of course our native cactus and succulents are always a good choice for minimal water usage. If you are looking for color and shade in your yard and still keep your water bill to a minimum here are some great low water use plants. This is by no means an exhaustive list of plants, but it gives you somewhere to start when planning your low water use garden.


Palo Verde | Chinese Pistache | Chilean Mesquite


Texas Mountain Laurel | Orange Bells | Texas Sage | Oleander

Creosote Bush | Red Bird of Paradise | Cape Honeysuckle


Pink Trumpet | Lilac Vine | Bouganville | Baja Passion Vine

Perennial Flowers

Parry’s Penstemon | Firecracker Penstemon | Autumn Sage |


To see our ever growing list of plants that grow in Phoenix Arizona.